Estate Trusts Probate

Wills and Trusts

Planning for our own death is something we all tend to set aside. However, having a proper will and related documents in place at the time of your death can help ensure that your family is protected in accordance with your wishes. From simple drafting of wills, powers of attorney and health care directives, to establishing more complex trusts, our goal is to meet the specific needs and intent of our clients. Huesser & Ireland utilizes its skills and knowledge to preserve assets, as well as carry out our client's desires, following their passing.

Domestic Partnerships

Every person should have the appropriate estate plan, but estate planning can be even more important for members of a nontraditional family. Issues can arise concerning financial assets, hospital visitations, guardianship and medical care. Huesser & Ireland can help nontraditional families design an estate plan to help best protect the ones they love.

Probate Proceedings

The death of a loved one brings about challenges many of us may never comprehend. After you put your loved ones to rest, their estate will often need to be wound up. Whether it’s a small estate or a large estate, Huesser & Ireland can be your San Antonio and South Texas Probate Attorney. Let us guide your through this difficult time so that your loved ones’ final wishes may be carried out.